3 Point Linkage Sprayers
3 Point Linkage Sprayers


Our range of 3 Point Linkage Sprayers are built to your specifications and requirements, with many options available.

All come with a very strong, Fully welded Galvanised steel chassis & frame.

We have flexible boom size ranges of up to 17 meters, in either double and Triple fold. The booms are hydraulically controlled from the cab with your choice of controller.

Tank sizes from small to high capacity are available, with your choice of pump

Yannie Creek Engineering sprayers make spraying a whole lot easier, comfortable and efficient

  • Solid Construction
  • Galvanised Steel Frame
  • Multi Tank Sizes
  • Up to 17m Boom
  • Hydraulic Fold
  • Double and Triple Fold Booms
  • Diaphragm or Centrifugal Pumps
  • Choice of Controller