3 Point Linkage Sprayers

Yannie Creek Engineering's sprayers come equipped with large range of standard features that make it the perfect choice for farm and crop spraying.

With a wide choice of customisation options that will allow you to tailor a sprayer to suit your needs, all packed into a price competitive machine without compromising on Quality, Strength and Reliability.

Trailed Sprayers

Yannie Creek Engineering manufacture a wide range of trailed sprayers to suit your needs. All constructed with a strong durable welded frame from Galvanised steel. With variable spray boom widths, tank capacity and many other customisable options.

We manufacture reliable, durable sprayers that use advanced spraying technology to boost your productivity, minimise wastage and cut costs.


Yannie Creek Engineering  offer a wide range of fertiliser systems designed to suit your needs.

Our Fertiliser Bin systems are fully customisable in size and capacity with a large range of configuration options available.

Yannie Creek Engineering is sure to provide a fertiliser solution that is fit for your requirements.

Fertiliser Bins

Yannie Creek Engineering manufactures a range of customisable Mulchers to suit your needs.


Features on our Mulchers make the full range stand out from the opposition.


Our heavy duty Mulchers are best suited to farming applications such as: Pineapples, Macadamia, Avocados, Bananas, Sweet Potatoes and general scrub clearing.




Pruning Saws

Whether you grow Macadamia, Mango, Avocado or Citrus trees, Yannie Creek Engineering have a pruning saw solution for you.

Trailed tree pruning saws or tractor bar mounted pruning saws are available.


Our pruning saws are Heavy Duty and designed for 1 pass, efficient and cost effective pruning.

The unique design of Yannie Creek Engineering's Bedformers ensures that all bed depth and width requirements are catered for in a one pass operation.


All Featuring a heavy-duty frame construction

Customisable Fertiliser and Spray Application, crumble roller and many other features.


Fertiliser bin covering tarp with sturdy work platform and safety rails.

Bed Formers

Our range of Profilers are built tough to your specifications and requirements.

All come with a very strong, Fully welded steel frame and Galvanised Steel Covers.

Exceptional maneuverability thanks to the Swivel Hitch and Draw bar attachment.

Yannie Creek Engineering make the job whole lot easier !


Need something else ??

Yannie Creek Engineering can design and build it for you.

Have a look at our Farm Trailers, Bail Spreaders, Rippers, Conveyors, Plastic Mulch Retriever and our Zero Emission Electric Sprayer Buggy ideal for Greenhouses.

Click for more info, there's much more to see!

Other Farm Equipment